Judging by our Facebook page's comments, Kanye West's performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody" at last weekend's Glastonbury Festival irritated a lot of people. However, if a new viral video is to be believed, Queen's late frontman, Freddie Mercury, found the whole thing rather amusing, then proceeded to show West how it's done.

As you can see above, the video intersperses the opening of West's performance with footage of Mercury watching at home, drinking a stein of beer. He laughs as West leaves it to the audience to hit the high notes. Then Mercury towels himself off in time to take over, as West watches from the sidelines.

"Bohemian Rhapsody," which clocked in at No. 7 on our list of the Top 100 Classic Rock Songs, has been the subject of many viral videos over the years. It's been performed by the Muppets, three children and their father, Star Wars characters, a drunk guy in the back of a police car and three women grabbing their own boobs. And of course, there's the famous scene from 1992 Wayne's World, which put the song back into the Top 10, 16 years after it was originally released, introducing it to a whole new generation of fans.

Queen are doing their part to keep the song's spirit alive. Last week, they announced the launch of Queen Bohemian Lager, a "golden hoppy" beer brewed in the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic. The bottle contains a crest that Mercury designed while a student in art school and the image from the cover of the song's album, A Night at the Opera.

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