I have yet to meet someone who actually likes mosquitoes. They are just the worst. Think about it: there are people who like spiders, snakes, worms, ants, and even cockroaches but nobody likes or has pet mosquitoes. Yet we provide them with perfect breeding grounds in our yards by allowing water to sit for extended periods of time.

One year we went on an extended summer vacation and left a kiddie pool with some water in it. After our trip, plus a few days of ignorance, we went to check the yard and found that the pool was full of mosquito larvae. All we had to do was tip it over to kill them, but had we left it for another week we would have been the not-so-proud owners of a ton of mosquitoes. The CDC says that mosquitoes can go from egg to biting in as little as eight days.

Another popular place for accidental mosquito breeding grounds is old tires laying around the yard. That's why the Twin Falls Pest Abatement District is holding a special Twin Falls County Tire Amnesty Day. On Saturday, May 1st you can take up to four passenger tires (only the tire - no rims or metal) to the Twin Falls Transfer Station on Orchard Drive in Twin Falls and drop them off for free.

Even if you don't have small pools or tires filled with water, there are still things you can do as part of your spring cleaning that will help eliminate mosquitoes. The TFCPAD has a story with information on how bird baths, tarps, and buckets can also be a source of safety for breeding mosquitoes.

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