In a new study, Idaho was ranked as the most loved state by other states. Well, technically we were rated as the least hated state in the study but we'll call the lack of hatred towards us as love. The study was done by Best Life online and shows that, according to a bunch of different statistics, nobody hates Idaho. Literally, they say that the number of states that hate us is 'none'. The writers at Best Life even used data from a story we wrote about earlier this year. Utah, Washington, Nevada, and a few others also got the honor of nobody hating them, but based on other factors Idaho ranks as the least hated overall. The other states with no hate towards them were dinged because of self hate.

The self hate comes from the number of people leaving the state. Meaning the state isn't good enough to stay in. The original story also uses data from the census and self pride in a home-state.

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Another reason Idaho might be considered such a great state that nobody hates is because, based on another story, we don't talk about politics at work. Zippia did some research and found that Idahoans are among the least likely to talk politics, or force their political opinions, around coworkers.

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