I am a big fan of Bigfoot videos for two reasons. First, I am easily entertained and second, I have the mental abilities of a 5th grader (sitting at the back of the class). That's why I was excited to find a brand new video from a guy who went hunting Bigfoot with a drone. He didn't find Sasquatch, but did find some stunning Idaho waterfalls.

Jusup Sandoval shared this on his YouTube channel. If you read Jusup's description, you'll notice a very interesting backstory behind his Bigfoot search.

In 2014 I was hit by a snowmobile and unable to walk for a couple months. In order to continue to create I bought the DJI Phantom 2. 75% of the drone shots where done from that Phantom 2 while recovering in a wheelchair.

Fascinating. Considering that, it's incredible that Jusup captured what he did. Sorry to disappoint you if you were also hoping to see Bigfoot, but what you will see in his video are some of the most breathtaking views of Idaho's mountains, waterfalls and forests you'll ever see.

I love his hashtag of #SearchingForSassy. Best Bigfoot hashtag ever.

Jusup is obviously a very talented video guy. Check out his channel for more of his great work.

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