I'm actually fairly certain that Santa is fine and doing his regular Christmas prep...but the sight I came across this morning is bound to cause a few questions about where Santa was last night.

Santas Bender In Twin Falls
Apparently Santa went on a Rock Creek, McDonald's, beef jerky bender over the weekend.

What is going on in that picture? Did SC trade in his big red bag for a small bag of McDonald's food? Why is there the fast food bag but also a Rock Creek receipt? I don't question the Slim Jim jerky wrapper (never a bad time for those). Also, when I drove past the mess this morning I didn't have time to grab a picture, but there were also Cheetos next to the hat and bag.

As fun as it is to speculate - I'd rather know the actual story. I guess if Santa is reading this and wondering where his hat is after his Twin Falls bender, it's by my house (he knows where I live). If it wasn't Santa but just some random citizen who clearly had a way better weekend than I did - please contact us and tell your story!

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