This might just be the most awkward blog I ever write and that's saying something. Idaho has just been ranked among the most pure state when it comes to loving again. Ahem.

PJ Media shared this study which ranked all of the states when it comes problems in your naughty places. How's that for averting embarrassing words?

Idaho has a lot to be proud of when it comes to not having warts in unusual places. We're the 6th purest state in that..ahem...area. This is based on numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Background

If you look at the STD map (and wow it felt weird to write that), you'll notice Idaho is one of the lightest states. That's because we're nearly puritans when it comes to our loving.

But, there is some bad news about your new girlfriend in Alaska. Time to wrap yourself in aluminum foil just to be safe. You might also want to rethink that vacation you were planning in the southern states, too.

Check out the full study for more info on where you'll want to avoid your hookups.

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