Idaho Falls native Nathan Apodaca, who became internationally known in 2020 after uploading a skateboarding TikTok video that went viral, has now partnered with a company that makes berry-flavored alcoholic beverages.

Apodaca's video last year skyrocketed to millions of views across the planet almost overnight. The clip featured him skateboarding while drinking Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice, a favorite drink of his. He also recorded himself lip-syncing to the song, "Dreams," by Fleetwood Mac.

Beatbox Beverages,Apodaca can be seenrecently shared the news

Apodaca's beverage is available now for purchase. The social media sensation got married in Las Vegas to start the new year, as well as bought a home (paid with cash) in Idaho. Along with Ocean Spray, he partnered up for a new dance challenge. A teaser video was shared to YouTube earlier this year.

Shortly after his 2020 video went viral, band members from Fleetwood Mac, including Mick Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks, produced their own TikTok videos as an acknowledgement to Apodaca. Downloads of the band's song increased as a result of the video. Apodaca also filmed a commercial with rapper Snoop Dog just weeks after the TikTok sensation.

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