In early July of this year a wildfire near White Bird, Idaho burned 420 acres. That isn't a huge fire when compared to any of the other (many) fires happening now, but this one is back in the news because an Idaho family is being billed for the firefighting costs.

Officials determined that the blaze was started by a juvenile using fireworks. According to the Idaho Press, Idaho law requires the responsible parties be billed for firefighting costs.

That is exactly what has happened. The family name hasn't been released since the fire-starter is a juvenile, but someone just got an $84,500 bill for the accident.

How does that even work? Do they have to pay it now in a lump sum or does the state work out a payment plan? Even with a payment plan of $500 a month and no interest it would still take this family 169 months (about 14 years) to pay off the debt.

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