Hopefully your Halloween wasn't just full of scares. There were plenty of tricks and treats around the Magic Valley. At Trick or Treat Street we saw around 4,000 people come out to celebrate the holiday with us, showing off their costumes and getting bags full of candy. But, the fun wasn't just here in Southern Idaho or specifically on the streets. Businesses participated across the state and friends got together for parties. I even came across a great bloopers video from Today's 6 up in Boise.

The video isn't from this year but does give us a look into the life of a journalist on Halloween. They treated us to scares, jokes, and a great Ron Burgundy impression from Idaho's Paul Gerke. He shows up about eight and a half minutes in and the entire rest of the video is him making jokes for nearly four minutes.

This isn't the first (and definitely won't be the last) time that Idaho TV news channels will make it into national bloopers videos. In mid-2017 Idaho news teams got national attention with epic blunders and silly situations. In the first video there is a bit of a technical issue with an on-site KMVT reporter a little after the two-minute mark.

The second video features KMVT once again with Joe Martin around the two-minute mark having issues at an event and don't miss the Pocatello anchor with a case of the giggle fits around six and a half minutes in.

Halloween is always a joy to me because I love costumes, candy, and pranks. These videos of bloopers are just and added pumpkin spice of joy to an already joyous holiday for me.

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