Ah, hunting season. This woman bagged herself an awesome elk with the help of her family in Idaho. You can tell how excited she is and the experience was epic. I could watch this video several times just to see the elk wandering.

It is important to note that this was done in season and legally.

The beginning of the video shares some back story. This family had 4 days to fill 4 tags, and she is over 5 months pregnant! Her name is Bekah, she and her husband have 5 children already with another on the way. This elk will help feed that family of hers for sure.

They catch a bunch of elk throughout the video and when she takes a shot, you know it was solid. I think the best part of the entire thing is her excitement at the end when she is so thrilled that they got a good sight and got something "it wasn't a spike".

It definitely isn't a spike. That is a big elk! Half of the fun is watching the animals do what they do naturally.

She took her time and had all the time in the world and that is great. She didn't get buck fever, which is something that I struggle with. And it is a solid 6 by 6 bull! It is crazy to think how big they are when you get that up close with them.

I love the excitement on her face and her gratitude toward the animal and the experience. This is why I love to hunt. Hopefully, I will be able to experience this myself someday soon.

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