Holiday bonuses can either be a joke or a blessing depending on your employer. Sometimes the bonus feels like a slap in the face rather than a gift. Remember the Jelly of the Month Club bonus from Christmas Vacation? We are in the season of giving, but we also want to get stuff.

What Perk Do Idaho Workers Want From Their Employer

What a Christmas bonus should do is make the employee feel valued. It doesn’t even have to be something huge, though wads of cash would be awesome, sometimes employees just like getting something useful or thoughtful.

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What if a holiday bonus is off the table and there is no chance of getting any cash, what would be the next best perk? A recent study says that Idahoans would pick free food as their alternative choice. Idahoans want a company-paid holiday meal from their employer. The choice is interesting because one of the other options is a company holiday party and we don’t want that. Apparently, we don’t want to socialize with our fellow coworkers, we just want free food.


Is Free Food The Best Work Perk

Choosing free food as a holiday perk makes sense. Even if it isn’t around Christmas or any other holiday we love it when free food shows up at work. Can you think of a better holiday bonus than food if you can’t have money?

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