As Donald Trump once eloquently put it, Joe Biden is a dummy!

Was it ever more evident than over the weekend when he called for regime change in Russia?  U.S. Senator Jim Risch of Idaho is the leading Republican on the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.  When January arrives, he’ll again be chairing the committee.  Risch appeared on CNN’s State of the Union and shared his concerns.  You can watch his appearance by clicking on the YouTube video below.

Maybe We Should Send Him Back to the Cellar

This morning I read an editorial in The Wall Street Journal.  The writer said Mr. Biden didn’t appear dangerous when he campaigned from his basement.  It allowed people to excuse his obvious mental decline because the left and its media allies so desperately wanted to rid themselves of Mr. Trump.

I watched Biden review Polish troops over the weekend and as he doddered along I thought that he won’t make it to the end of the year.  While I wouldn’t usually recommend a country be governed by a President from his basement, it may be time to consider confining Mr. Biden in a few ceremonial roles without speaking parts.  The cabal that really runs the White House can offer sanitized news releases until we have a regime change of our own.

The President Won't be Getting Better

The man isn’t going to get any better.  We don’t need him launching World War Three due to a slip of his tongue.  The Pentagon predicts that in a worst-case scenario, 82 million Americans would die in the first hour of nuclear strikes.

And two years ago we were told to fear mean tweets.

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