Memory says gasoline was $2.09 a gallon at the Walmart pumps off Washington Street through most of January.  On Sunday there was sticker shock.  Sure, we’ve all seen higher prices.  I’ve not forgotten the middle of summer in 2008 when a gas station next to my church had unleaded regular for $4.12 a gallon.  Our pastor gestured at the sign and told us it helped define what’s really important in life.

There are predictions we’ll see prices well above four dollars a gallon this summer

The housing bubble is blamed for what followed a few months later.  The country entered the worst recession in eight decades.  More than a few people have told me the cost of fuel also played a part.

There are predictions we’ll see prices well above four dollars a gallon this summer and some talk out of Washington about additional gas and mileage taxes.

A fellow used to call a radio show and tell me he was a Democrat because when he launched a business during the Clinton years, it really took off.  He sold women’s clothing at a boutique in a resort community.

If we use that guy’s logic as a barometer, then a President should always take credit or blame for what happens during his watch.  Make no mistake, these are Joe Biden’s prices at the pumps.  It won’t be long before it chips away at whatever gains you received in a stimulus check.  And one more public fall will become the public face of his administration.

Toss in the mess along the Rio Grande and you could say things aren’t off to a great start for Mr. Biden.  His allies in mainstream media can only paper it over for so long.  When reality comes to your doorstep, you start thinking on your own and media instructions are set aside.


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