We don’t get many members of the Trump family in Twin Falls.  The former President’s daughter paid a visit Monday.  After stopping at Chobani for a meeting with Hamdi Ulukaya, the company founder, the two visited a food give-away.  It was taking place at the Magic Valley Mall, where for several weeks, volunteers were giving away boxes of perishable items.  Including yogurt.

This was her Father's Program

The Farm to Table program was championed by President Trump but discontinued by his successor.  At that point, generous people stepped in and started filling the void by privately picking up the tab.  The 1,800 boxes distributed each Monday in Twin Falls over the past five weeks was funded by a wealthy benefactor from Oklahoma.  The local program winds down next week.  I don’t yet have an answer as to why Twin Falls was selected as a destination for drop-off, other than it was the benefactor’s choice.

We had been hearing for weeks about a possible visit by Ivanka Trump.  For security reasons, her visit was kept very low-key.

The program has been a big success.  It’s being administered by a handful of local volunteers recruited by some local churches.

It was a Brief Visit

I don’t know if the schedule allowed the President’s daughter to see much more of the area.  It would’ve been a bit chilly at Shoshone Falls, however.  It looks as if she did dress for the brisk temperature and the wind gusts.

The Trump family has been involved in charitable works for decades.  Despite what legacy media would have you believe.  She's in the center of the photograph.

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