The state of Idaho is known for its people being proud of where they're from. No matter where you go in the Treasure Valley, you're bound to meet people who will defend their land with their life. That is why Idaho is one of the best states for owning a weapon of deadly force.

Texas, who?

Idaho has among the most friendly gun laws in the entire country which allows its citizens to protect themselves as they see fit.

Now, we originally were going to tackle some of the weapons that are illegal in Idaho. But, thanks to Idaho legislation we discovered that it's actually easier to go over the deadly weapons that are illegal in other states but totally legal in Idaho.

That's not to say that there aren't a few gray areas because there are. The laws continue to change seemingly by the day and of course, you have that whole federal-state level clashing thing going on.

Without further ado, let's dive into some of the most deadly weapons that you can legally own in Idaho but can't in other states.

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Some of you may be asking why someone would want to own some of the aforementioned deadly weapons and that's okay. We would normally say that "some people have their thing", but for these people, having access to protection is better than none. That's especially true if things get out of control with Russie. Here is a look at some of the super weapons of Russie that have Idahoans stockpiling ammo and machine guns.

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