I went on a couple of trips to Yellowstone with my daughter’s school, and we were always aware of the kids on the walking trails. Yep, we saw people get too close to the bison. We even saw a guy trying to photograph a bear up too close. We didn’t have to explain a cautionary tale to the kids, thank goodness, but we did tell the younglings that not all grown-ups make good choices all the time.

All too often there are ‘touron’ videos posted. How many times does the Yellowstone Park Ranger have to repeat themself about staying away from wildlife? Visitors do what they wanna do. I suppose there is an entertainment value to the videos, but perhaps we can find better ways to waste our time. Stop giving us reasons to watch Darwin Awards, Yellowstone Edition.

Proof There Are Good Bison Moments at Yellowstone

Finally, a chance to show off a not-stupid moment. A heard of bison hanging out with a new calf. The fact that they are doing it in the middle of the road protecting the baby is just cool. Nobody jumps out to pet the baby. No running ‘tourons’ who were ‘trying to get a better shot’ videos were posted this time. Just evidence the herd keeps a baby safe. It doesn’t just take a village, it takes a herd.

Here's a national park traffic lesson. Slow down and enjoy the scenery. No deadlines here. Nature will take care of that need for speed. Nothing like a herd of bison to force motorists to prioritize. Do I like my car? Do I want to keep it whole? Leave the bison alone and be patient. It's their park, you are the visitor.

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Please be a positive example for kids on field trips. Your photos and videos may not be as close, but your medical bills won’t skyrocket either. Perhaps spend a fraction of the money you would have spent on surgery to buy good camera lenses instead. Win-win right?

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