Now that the temperatures keep us snuggled up on the couch more, a reality check may be in order. It’s important to keep the cooties at bay just in case snuggles take on an extra twist.

Why is the Term STI Instead of STD?

First and foremost, if you didn’t know, the term is now STI, not STD. What was considered an STD in years gone by has had a grammatical and scientific correction made. An initial infection from bacteria, viruses, or parasites would be an STI. Any progression of an illness caused by the infection would be an STD. For example, an HPV infection may develop into throat or cervical cancer changing that infection to an STD.

How Does Idaho Rank vs. Other States for STI’s?

We would all love to think that there isn’t an instance to worry about an STI, but there is. Face it, if the people involved in an activity that could result in an STI aren’t ready to talk about preventing them, they aren’t ready to be involved. Being honest and aware prevents troubles down the road that may not show up for decades.

It isn’t a question of having sex, it’s about having safe sex. So, how safe is a couple who may be considering the next step in Idaho?

Credit WiseVoter
Credit WiseVoter

Well, this is one of the best times to rank lowest in something! Usually, Idaho seems to measure right in the middle of every possible ranking, but here we are in the bottom 10.  This is a pretty reassuring statistic if you are someone who may be in the mood to get more than snuggly this winter.

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Please remember to talk with your partner about the safest ways to be together and still have fun. Maybe with a little knowledge and comfortable conversations, Idaho can be last on this list.

Idaho's Top 10 Leading Causes of Death

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