Kimberly School District has announced that they are canceling middle school classes due to illness.

Kimberly Middle School canceled on Tuesday and Wednesday

The superintendent at Kimberly School District notified us that Kimberly Middle School is canceling classes on Tuesday, December 13, and Wednesday, December 14 due to illness.

There has been an excessive amount of illness among faculty and the student body and the district has not been able to cover all the staff absences.

Important - This only applies to classes for Kimberly Middle School

The cancellation of middle school classes does not apply to Kimberly High School, Kimberly Elementary, and Sticker Elementary. All of those schools will still be in session and all extracurricular activities will continue as scheduled.

A quick note about school cancelations

We work closely with Southern Idaho school administrators to provide school cancelations as we are notified by the districts. You can save this link for future postings regarding cancellations throughout the school year.

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