Eating is something we all do. It is a must to live, and for many, it is also something they enjoy. When eating is one of your passions and hobbies, you can commonly be referred to as a foodie. There is nothing wrong with being one, it only means you love food and enjoy eating good food. That can mean healthy food, sweets, unique foods, or a combination of all the above. We all need to eat, so you might as well enjoy what you are putting in your body. When it comes to good food, each person has their preferences, and that can be because of what tastes good to them, what they were served as a child, or where they grew up. Where you live can dictate what kind of food you enjoy most, but when it comes to the best cities to eat in, who is the best, who is the worst, and do cities in Idaho have good or bad food?

The Best and Worst Cities for Eating

Credit: Alex Haney on Unsplash
Credit: Alex Haney on Unsplash

When traveling certain cities are known for great food and others, not so much. WalletHub recently released a list of the best and worst cities for foodies and ranked them using categories such as affordability, and diversity, accessibility, and quality. Using these criteria, it was determined that the best city for a foodie in the country is Orlando, Florida, with Portland, Oregon being second, and Sacramento, California being third. Out of a possible 182 cities, the worst place for a foodie is Pearl City, Hawaii, with Shreveport, Louisiana being the second worst.

Is Idaho a Good Place for Foodies?

Credit: bhofack2
Credit: bhofack2

Idaho had two cities that made the list, but neither ranks high. You may notice in the paragraph above that the third worst city wasn't mentioned, and that is because the third worst on the list is Nampa. Nampa is not very affordable when it comes to food, ranking fifth-worst in affordability. It comes in on the list at 157 for diversity, accessibility, and quality. Boise did a little better, coming in on the list at 125. Boise is 139 in affordability and 95 in diversity, accessibility, and quality. According to this list, Idaho does not appear to be a good state for a foodie. 

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As is always the case when it comes to eating, it does come down to what you prefer. Many Idahoans enjoy hunting and eating fresh meat, while fewer people around the country appreciate it the way Idahoans do. If you are someone who values seafood, Idaho likely isn't for you. If you enjoy Mexican food or Italian food, Idaho also isn't going to be near the top. To see the full list, click on the link above. Despite what it says, Idahoans know there are some good eating options here, and hopefully, this list will keep others from discovering our hidden eating places. 

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