Winter is coming and officially begins on December 21, but the Magic Valley has already seen early signs of what is to come. Multiple times we have seen snow this year, and while the ice hasn't been terrible, there have been spots that have been a little slick a few mornings and nights. The inevitable is coming, and soon the ground will be white for days and weeks, possibly months at a time, as well as slick as an ice skating rink. While many dread these days of the year, it can be a great chance to create some memories, laughs, and potentially money as well.

Video of People Slipping on Ice

Anytime ice covers the road, the sidewalks, or your driveway, it is inevitable that somebody is going to slip and end up 'eating it.' As long as nobody gets hurt, it is typically funny. With many people having security cameras, smart doorbells, or even having their phones out at the right time, these slips and embarrassing moments may be caught on camera. While falling on your butt is embarrassing and hurts your pride, having it caught on video and having to relive it is the worst-case scenario from a pride perspective. While a good friend or family member will show only friends and family for a good laugh, a smart one would share it with the world and could potentially make a little money this winter.

Posting Embarrassing Videos on YouTube

Depending on how many videos you can capture and how popular they get, it is possible to make some money if your videos go viral. If they aren't as successful as you hope, there are other options such as 'America's Funniest Home Videos.' While neither of these can guarantee you money, the chance is worth it. Even if you don't make anything, you get a good laugh from somebody you know eating it on the ice, and you get to share the joy and laughter with the world as well. Make sure after each storm this winter to check those doorbell cameras, and security cameras, or have the cameras on your phone rolling as you get in and out of cars and go into buildings. 

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As the ice and snow come in this winter, make sure to capture as many funny moments of people slipping as you can for your enjoyment and everyone else's. Hopefully, nobody severely gets hurt, and hopefully, you are not the one that ends up being caught on film and posted on the internet. Be careful, watch your steps this winter, and check those cameras often, you never know what may be captured. 

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