What’s with kids these days, anyway?

This might just be a perception, but it seems to me that each generation finds more ways to complain bout the next. It’s hard to know for sure whether there’s any truth to that notion each generation is getting worse, or if we’re just overserved negativity because we have too many outlets to air our grievances. Plus, it’s always the bad news that gets the clicks.

All said, it seems like we don’t often see many positive things being said our youth lately. 

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What new thing children are doing to mailboxes in Twin Falls

Some Twin Falls residents are reporting finding letters and homemade cards from a group calling themselves the Secret Children’s Society. The cards express messages of kindness and encouragement.

Stopping by to put sunshine in your life

The cards are arriving at Twin Falls addresses in homemade envelopes with hand-drawn pictures of flowers and sunshine. 

One of the cards reads: We wish you to have an awesome day and week. You are amazing and I think you are an amazing person. Sincerely, Secret Children's Society


It's encouraging to think of how these cards have the potential to really make someone's day, especially if the person who opens the envelope is feeling isolated and depressed.

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A thoughtful reminder that our kids are out doing good in Twin Falls

The thoughtfulness displayed by this group of anonymous Twin Falls kids is a reflection of some solid, loving upbringing. We don’t know who these kids are, and in a world of self-serving social media pats on the back at the smallest charitable gesture, I find it refreshing that these kiddos don’t seem to be in it for the likes. Whoever you are, thank you. You’re doing good work out there. 

Words Idahoans Often Get Wrong

In some cases, it isn’t that we use the wrong word but that others think the word means something else or that we could have used a better word.

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