This video is still ridiculous. Who knew that we had all been drinking water wrong this whole time.

There are certain things that human instincts teach us that nobody has to show us how to do. Nobody teaches you to blink as a baby, or how to breathe, you just come out knowing how to do it. Eating and drinking are also things that your body and brain figure out without help. Babies may need help latching on to mommy or taking a bottle, but their instinct is to suck and swallow the milk that comes out. Despite knowing how to do these instinctual things, you may be surprised to find out you have been doing one of them wrong this whole time, but don't worry you can now learn how to do it the proper way.

How to Drink Water the Right Way

A video from a few years ago, posted by Janna, teaches us all how to properly drink water, and according to her video, many of us have been doing it wrong our whole life. You first need a drinking glass and water and then are to take some deep breaths, exercise your mouth, structure your mouth so you don't choke, and of course, then drink. This is the proper way to drink, according to the video, and it is to help make sure you are doing it right and to avoid any hazards like choking. For what it is worth, over 3.2 million people have watched this video.

Thoughts on Proper Way to Drink Water

Credit: Hans Van IJzendoorn
Credit: Hans Van IJzendoorn

Breaking down this video, there are some concerns. With 2.6 million views, many will assume that it was watched for laughs and to see what the hype was about. In the beginning, somebody had to search for how to drink water, and that is alarming for a certain number of reasons. What were these people doing before and how did they survive without knowing how to drink? One of the best parts of the video is when the girl says she is nervous. She is nervous to drink water? Most of us do it without thought, but apparently, this expert is nervous to drink water on video. The last concern is the warning about structuring your mouth to avoid choking. Yes, water can go down the wrong pipe and cause coughing and a moment of taking your breath away, but water is unlikely to get stuck in your throat and cause you to choke. It may drown you, but not likely to choke you.

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While you may think you have drinking water down, you may need to watch the video above a few times to make sure you have the right techniques down, and most importantly don't forget the breathing and structure of your mouth. Grab a glass of water, refresh yourself, and enjoy a few minutes today at the silly things people will watch on the internet, and who knows, you may learn a thing or two you didn't know. 

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