You know what’s cruel?  I didn’t get to eat the previous owners!  I send pictures of my travels to friends around the country.  Many are urbanites and coastal clingers.  They think a collection of elk antlers in Jackson, Wyoming is an affront to the animals.

I’m reminded of a story about my daughter.  She didn’t like going to restaurants where trophies of deer, elk, and bison were mounted on the walls.  She was appalled one day when I stopped to talk to some guys who had just taken down a big buck.  But my daughter also loved cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets.  Those are products of animals also sacrificed to feed us.

The display in Jackson, and many mountain towns, is a symbol of the lifestyle.  Macabre?  Well, consider that some old churches in Europe are decorated with the bones of plague victims.  A decision was made to remind the parishioners that death is always around the next corner and that they should get right with God.  A symbol as well.

In a previous post, I shared the story of a California conservative who was considering a move to Idaho.  He was listening to my show online to get a feel for life here.  Then one morning he tuned in and heard a segment with Idaho Fish and Game.  He was quite taken aback by our hunting culture.  When I explained it was how many families traditionally ate in winter, he was stunned.  Because in California they go to the store.  Like my daughter when she was young, if you don’t see the slaughter, then your hands are clean.

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