I thought this was a given.  Idaho doesn’t allow non-citizens to vote.  Governor Brad Little’s executive order is a clarification.  Why?  Because some liberal states are going in the other direction, and people who aren’t citizens who’ve come to Idaho could be confused.  I’ve read legitimate stories about people in other parts of the country about newcomers showing up at the polls and assuming they had a say in the outcome.

When I vote, I’m asked for identification.  I present my driver’s license (bad picture and all) and then am asked for my address.  I’ve stumbled on that one, as I don’t often send mail to myself.

This is also why we don’t provide licenses for driving to illegal aliens.  I understand the pressure on farmers and ranchers.  The labor market is tight, and sometimes the “guest” workers can be of help driving.  But the opportunity for abuse is apparent, and the informal polling I’ve done on-air shows overwhelming opposition to the idea.

I also understand the argument it would allow foreigners to obtain car insurance, but again, it’s like putting out the welcome mat, and in a close election, a danger to our system of government.

An estimated 35,000 illegal aliens reside in Idaho.  To say they couldn’t turn an election is a load of manure.  Consider the lefties at Reclaim Idaho are already eyeing the possibility of recruiting more voters to back their socialist schemes.  We need to be vigilant. The left will be floating a voter initiative on the issue any day now.  If they can’t win now, liberals want new rules.

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