Original keyboardist and lead singer Gregg Rolie joined Journey onstage on Wednesday night during their show in Austin, Texas.

You can watch videos from the performance and see the full set list below.

"We have an extra special set tonight," stalwart leader Neal Schon told the crowd. "So when we go offstage at the end of the show, don't leave."

Schon kept his word, welcoming Rolie to the stage when Journey emerged for their encore. They were bandmates throughout the '70s, first with Santana and then in Journey. Schon credited Rolie for taking him under his wing and picking him up from high school when he was 15 years old, "'cause I wasn't going to school anyway."

Watch Journey Play 'Just the Same Way' With Gregg Rolie 

Journey then tore through several Rolie-era cuts: "Just the Same Way" from 1979's Evolution, "Of a Lifetime" off 1975's Journey and "Feeling That Way" and "Anytime" from 1978's Infinity. Rolie and Schon also revisited their shared Santana roots by covering "Black Magic Woman" with help from tourmate and Toto guitarist Steve Lukather. They finished out their set with the time-honored hit "Any Way You Want It."

"I just wanna say: 50 years?" Rolie marveled to the crowd about his former bandmates. "Fifty years of one band going through changes, but it's like a runaway freight train that just keeps going with no brakes." He also thanked past and present Journey members and, above all, the audience. "Without you guys, this place is empty," he said.

Schon teased Rolie's appearance earlier this month, posting that there will be a "special surprise" once the tour hit Austin. Some Twitter users hoped in vain for an appearance from ex-frontman Steve Perry, but many correctly predicted a cameo from Rolie, who lives near the Texas capital.

Rolie co-founded Journey with Schon in 1973 and handled lead vocals on the band's first three albums. He began ceding vocal duties to Perry on Infinity and continued until 1980, when Journey released the aptly titled Departure and the soundtrack album Dream, After Dream. Former Babys keyboardist Jonathan Cain then took over.

Watch Journey Play 'Of a Lifetime' With Gregg Rolie

Journey is currently in the midst of their 50th anniversary tour, which has gone off without a hitch despite the ongoing litigation between Schon and Cain. Schon filed suit against Cain in November, claiming the keyboardist had "improperly restricted" his access to financial documents related to Journey's joint American Express card. Cain countersued in January, accusing the guitarist of racking up more than $1 million in personal expenses to the card.

As they traded barbs and lawsuits publicly ahead of the tour kickoff, Schon also hinted at a lineup change. He tweeted a photo of himself and Rolie with the caption, "2 original founding members. I think my brother Gregg Rolie should join us for 2023 tour. What do you think, friends? He will spice it up and we will have a great variety of songs to choose from. What would you like to hear for the 50th anniversary tour?"

Watch Journey Play 'Feeling That Way' and 'Anytime' With Gregg Rolie

Schon later changed his tune, however, telling another Twitter user that Rolie would join the band "not at this moment. Both Gregg and I intend to shed some real light on the subject matter very soon." When that quote began to circulate, Schon tweeted a response: "This is going out to all media of all your postings today that Gregg Rolie is out. FALSE – where would you get this information? Ex managers? PR stunt again."

Journey's 50th anniversary tour is scheduled to run through May. The band will revisit the Lone Star State in April to play at San Antonio's AT&T Center. Schon suggested on Twitter that Rolie would also make an appearance there.

Watch Journey Play 'Any Way You Want It' With Gregg Rolie

Journey, 2/22/23, Moody Center, Austin
"Only the Young"
Neal Schon guitar solo
"Stone in Love"
"Don't Stop Believin'"
"Send Her My Love"
"Who's Crying Now"
"Let it Rain"
"Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'"
Jonathan Cain piano solo
"Open Arms"
"Girl Can't Help It"
"Just the Same Way" (with Gregg Rolie)
"Of a Lifetime" (with Rolie)
"Feeling That Way" (with Rolie)
"Anytime" (with Rolie)
"Black Magic Woman" (with Rolie and Steve Lukather)
"Any Way You Want It" (with Rolie)

Watch Journey Play 'Black Magic Woman' With Gregg Rolie and Steve Lukather

Watch Gregg Rolie Sound Check With Journey 

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