MURPHY, Idaho – A young osprey is thankful for the call of a concerned citizen and two men from Idaho Power who helped free the bird from a predicament in its nest recently at Swan Falls Dam.

Idaho Power Co. linemen Chad Owens and Jeremy Torkelson recently helped a young osprey at Swan Falls Dam. (Photo courtesy of Idaho Power)

The two linemen, Chad Owens and Jeremy Torkelson, were on call over Labor Day weekend when a customer reported a young osprey stuck in its nest. Within an hour, the men were at the nest with a bucket truck.

“They could see the bird’s talons were caught in baling twine,” reads information from the company. “After gearing up with protective gloves and sleeves, the linemen ascended to the rescue.”

Torkelson said:

We wrapped the bird up in a t-shirt and Chad was able to cut its leg free. With Chad’s help, I was able to remove the other (talon from the twine). Then we set him in the nest, and away he went.”

The men felt good about what they accomplished, they said, and as for the young osprey: it went flying into the September sky.

“It felt good to see the bird fly away,” Owens said. “It was good to see a successful outcome.”

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