Husbands apologizing to their wives is a common occurrence. However, one man went viral for listing the reasons why he has had to constantly apologize to his significant other.

Leighton shared on TikTok the multitude of reasons he has been forced to apologize, including wrongly using a steak knife and for "limping too loudly."

"My steak knife touched the plate for a fraction of a second," he listed as one of the reasons. "I accidentally laughed at her insane treadmill theory."

Other reasons included: "I didn't want to sell our house and buy one we can't afford," "I was limping too loudly after spraining my ankle," and "I didn't like a show she recommended."

Watch the clip here:

After each reason, he hilariously gave an explanation of what he "should" have done instead.

In a follow-up video, he added more reasons he had to apologize to his wife.

"I was standing in the kitchen when she wanted to open a drawer in front of me. Obviously, I should’ve dove out of the way as soon as I sensed her lightest movement," he said.

"I couldn't answer all six of her questions that she asked me simultaneously," he continued, adding: "Obviously I need to get better at multitasking."

Leighton gave a plethora of other reasons he was forced to tell his wife sorry.

Watch the clip here:

Users commented on his clip, with many women giving reasons their partner's should apologize.

"My husband sits on the couch like he's falling from space. Just sit down like you have leg strength to do so!" one person wrote, while another commented: "My husband is ALWAYS IN FRONT OF THE DRAWER. He’s never in the kitchen except to be in my way."

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