This last weekend was a crazy one in Idaho at some of the local rodeos. At an event in Oakley, video has surfaced of the wild cow event where fireworks appear to be shot at the animals and human participants as they scramble in the rodeo arena. PETA isn't happy about that event. In a different rodeo, this time in Preston, ID. a bull was the cause of fear as it attempted to hop a fence into the crowd after a ride.

The 2021 Famous Preston Night Rodeo

The incident with the fence hopping bull happened in Preston, Idaho over the weekend. After a ride where the bull threw his rider, the bull wasn't done with his moment in the spotlight. As he meandered in the arena he suddenly heads for the stands and crashes onto a safety fence. You can see in this video how close the bull was to the spectators.

What You Don't See In The Video From The Preston Rodeo Is The Man With The Gun

You don't get to see what happens with the bull in the video on YouTube since the person recording dropped the camera down as they fled for safety. But in pictures from the other side of the arena you can see that the bull made it almost all the way over the fence before a cable snapped and tipped the cow back into the arena. In those few moments a gun-toting man with a quick draw can be seen just a few feet away from the bull with his pistol aimed at the huge beast. You can see the pictures of that on the website of The Preston Citizen.

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