When I was a kid I liked this stuff.  I also liked Tang.  We used to beg our moms to buy the latter.  Because it’s what the astronauts drank while in space.  It was only years later I learned they drank Tang because it took the edge off the recycled water they sipped in space.

The Hi-C Orange was much tastier.  One thing about McDonald’s customers, there are some menu items they really like and a loyalty develops.  A couple of weeks ago I heard two TV newsmen talking about how they missed the original hot apple pies.  The crust was crispy and the chunks of apple weren’t over cooked.  The apple was still crunchy.

there are some menu items they really like and a loyalty develops

Oh, and the McDLT.  One long ago cold and snowy day, my dad took a couple of us to a pro-football game.  I was allowed to bring a friend along.  We stopped at a McDonald’s on the drive home.  It was six miles from Orchard Park and it was warm inside the restaurant.  The McDLT had a hot burger and cold vegetables with a big dose of mayonnaise.  Gosh, it hit the spot.  My buddy and I then each gobbled two hot apple pies.  I believe they cost all of a quarter at the time.

Some years ago there was an episode of Family Guy where Stewie goes bowling with the cast from Star Trek the Next Generation.  They made a stop at McDonald’s.  Michael Dorn (Mr. Worf) wants a McDLT.  You can watch the video below.  My favorite sandwich was a casualty of environmentally friendly packaging.

I stopped at McDonald’s off Blue Lakes last week.  Really enjoyed the three dollar menu.  Comfort food always makes my day.

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