March Madness is really living up to the 'madness' part of the name. There are men who have scheduled their vasectomies for right now just so they can sit on the couch and binge watch college basketball. And, this isn't a new thing: I've heard about this for years! I was even just reading a story where a doctor claims he's had patients on the schedule since last July. They literally planned the end of their reproduction around the NCAA Tournament.

That's kind of awesome and really crazy. I have to assume there is a lot of planning that goes into this. I found that the vasectomy surgery is a pretty quick in and out, here's your frozen peas, don't move for 48 hours kind of surgery. So, to me it would only make sense to have the surgery scheduled for the second week of the tournament or the finals. You wouldn't want to waste your well earned couch time on watching a bunch of games that don't matter. You'd want to be sofa-bound during the Sweet 16 or the Elite 8 or maybe if you are crazy and can wait to watch the good games you could wait until the day before the Final 2 and binge until your TV starts on fire trying to catch up. Just remember you can't jump up and cheer while in recovery mode.

This must be real in Twin Falls too because we had a doctor stop by the radio station last week to drop off a pamphlet for vasectomies.


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