Metallica don't want to see Metalocalypse end just yet.

The metal-themed animated series, which introduced a fictional band called Dethklok with its premiere in 2006, has gone dormant on the Adult Swim network. Now, Metallica are lobbying Hulu to pick it up, even if it's only to air a finale.

"Everyone here at Metallica HQ would really appreciate it if you can finish Metalocalypse so we can watch it on your lovely device," their message to Hulu reads. "Thank you for your attention in this matter."

Fans got involved when creator Brandon Small said a proposed end to the series, titled Metalocalypse: The Army of the Doomstar - The Final Chapter, would air if it found a home. Now a new campaign, called MetalocalypseNOW, is asking viewers to "demand the finale to Metalocalypse. Stand together with your favorite bands and fellow fans to take your show back." There's an online petition fans can sign, and they're also encouraged to tweet to Hulu and Adult Swim.

Metallica's James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett are more than casual fans, by the way. They've both provided their voices to Metalocalypse, including the characters Lorkey the Sailor (Hetfield) and the Queen of Denmark (Hammett). Actors like Mark Hamill and Malcolm McDowell have also contributed to the show over the years.

Small created an actual band called Dethklok in 2007. The group has since released four albums and an EP. They've also gone on tour various times since their inception.

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