I just got a message from a listener who pointed out something that blew my mind. He sent me a picture of a scene in the Michael Jackson music video for ‘Beat It’ and drew my attention to the props being used in the scene.

40-Year Surprise Found in Michael Jackson Beat It Video

Watching the video, everything seems like a normal Michael Jackson video until 2 and a half minutes in. That’s the point in the video where the surprising sight is revealed. Check out the video below and see if you can pick out what we’re talking about.

Did you see it? I always assumed the scene happens in a dangerous pool hall, but those aren’t pool tables. They don’t have pockets and the tables in the back only have 3 balls on them, two white and one red. That’s because those are actually Carom tables. Yeah, we had to look it up because we’d never heard of that before.

Credit YouTube/Canva
Credit YouTube/Canva
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Carom is a popular billiard game in many Asian countries, but according to the internet, it wasn’t a big deal anywhere else until 1988. The ‘Beat It’ video came out in 1983 so there’s no relation there to explain it. I could only find one article related to the use of the Carom tables in the video, and that was someone asking a question on Reddit yesterday. So it looks like the whole world is just making this realization, or about to make the realization and it may be in part thanks to a man in Twin Falls, Idaho!

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