Whether you are already established in the workforce of Utah or you are new to the grind, you need to know if the job you choose will have longevity. If you are new to searching for a job or career (or secretly searching because you hate your current job) you need to know if there are job openings available in the field you are looking at.

Using data from the US Government, compiled by the job site Unmudl, you can see which jobs are the most popular in Utah.

Check Out the 3 Most Common Jobs in Utah

The most common jobs in Utah are not the most glamorous. The majority of the workforce are not social influencers, doctors, or famous in any way. The majority of Utah workers doing the 3 most common jobs might actually represent some of the least glamorous jobs.

General Managers and Operations Managers, Customer Service Representatives, and Fast Food Workers are the 3 most common jobs in Utah. This means there are a lot of workers in each of these fields and not necessarily because they want to, but because there are jobs available. Retail Salespersons, Office Clerks, and Stockers/Order Fillers are the next most common jobs.

How Safe From AI Are the Most Popular Jobs in Utah

We use the words popular and common interchangeably in this story because being the top 3 most common jobs makes them the most popular jobs. It’s also worth noting that these jobs may be common, but they may also be in danger of becoming obsolete due to technological advances.

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On the flip side, these jobs are the most safe from AI.

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No job is 100 percent safe from being replaced by robots or Artificial Intelligence, but these are the 10 least likely jobs in Idaho.

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