If you were to ask me the most dangerous place in Idaho I would guess it to be somewhere in the mountains where there are bears, bobcats, wolves, or the Sasquatch. But right now, we get to talk about the most dangerous city in Idaho and it is actually a surprise to me.

The 24/7 Wall St. website has chosen the most dangerous city in each state based on some key factors including; poverty rate, violent crimes, and unemployment. The really good news for Idaho is that 24/7 claims that Idaho is one of the safest states in the nation. The bad news is that every state has a most dangerous city - even if that city is technically safe compared to most other cities. For Idaho that 'dangerous' city isn't far from the Magic Valley. They say that Pocatello is the most dangerous city here.

Pocatello has a violent crime rate only slightly higher than the national average with 443 per 100,000 residents. Obviously, Pocatello doesn't have 100,000 residents but they used 100,000 as their basis for judgement, so the actual number of crimes is lower than 443. It's interesting to point out that Rexburg is not very far from Pocatello and is marked as the safest city in the state.

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