In 1848, the Mormon pioneers in Utah were close to losing their crops due to an insect infestation until seagulls came in and ate the bothersome bugs. Since then they have been referred to as the Mormon Crickets. These insects are actually a type of katydid called a shieldbacked katydid. The early Utah farmers were able to over come the crop killing katydids but they are far from gone.

They also don't only visit Utah farms. These insects are currently covering the ground in areas of Idaho. Campers heading for vacations near Silver City have come across ground that appears to be moving due to the amount of katydids crawling around. If I came upon this sight I'd definitely turn around and either cancel the camping plans or head to a different location far away from the creepy katydids. National Geographic has a video highlighting the Mormon Crickets and gives you a good look at how big they are and how they can quickly cover an area.

Idaho has a current program to help residents bothered by a damaging amount of Mormon Crickets and grasshoppers.

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