If you have a spare $4 million hanging around you may want to consider purchasing this home right on the river in Bliss. It is absolutely stunning.

This property will run you a cool $3,950,000 and it comes with 530 deeded acres, 205 of those acres are irrigated. So really it is a full ranch or farm if you know how to work the land. The home on the property is a quaint three bedroom, three bathrooms of rustic decor. I honestly would expect nothing less from a place like this in Idaho.

Zillow Via Mark Jones

The real selling point for this place isn't really the home, even though it really is a beautiful house. The real selling point is all the things it comes with. The private boat dock, you can easily go water skiing and fishing right outside your home. There are places to ride your ATV and a hunting preserve with a duck blind on private property. It is an outdoor Idahoans dream.

Zillow Via Mark Jones

Plus, if you look at the bathrooms, they are also what dreams are made of. The shower is stunning and the tub has a window out to a gorgeous view of the canyon and river. If I had $4 million I would hideaway in a place like this. It is all the best things to do in Idaho during the summer right on your own property. One can dream.

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