The older I get the more I am convinced that high school counselors tell students that 'they can be whatever they want' more often than not. I also think that's a good thing. Telling children what they can and can't be or do is tedious. You don't want to build them up so high that if they fail they spiral downward and you can't set their expectations so low that they don't try for grandeur. Schools are constantly doing testing to help teachers, parents, counselors, and students find direction. The SAT and ACT tests are a guide that colleges have used to gauge students potential. I scored in the mid 1200's on my SAT test. My counselor finally told me I could be anything, but added 'as long as it had nothing to do with math'. I thought that was funny because I really hate math and I'm terrible at it.

Soon the testing will include more factors than school smarts and testing ability. says the College Board is going to be implementing an Environmental Context Dashboard which will detail demographic and situational information for students. This addition to the SAT testing will let colleges learn more about the backgrounds of college candidates.

The environmental information will not affect actual SAT scores.

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