The Sweet Spot is going to be a training facility for soccer, softball, baseball and more as they grow! Complete with batting cages, this place is going to be open to everyone.

The facility will have two 70 foot long batting cages, which lets face it, even if you don't know how to swing a bat, a batting cage is pretty fun to try out. Plus there will be some pitching mounds, pitching machines and a circle for softball made from real dirt. Those are just for baseball and softball.

They are also hoping to get a virtual net to hit golf balls into and get some practice in that way. Plus some bucking machines that have been donated so the rodeo can practice there too. And a ton of other options for breakaway roping and calf tying dummies just to name a few. I want to try all the stuff without having to compete!

Coaches and players will be able to rent the space out but the average person can just go in and check out the new facility. They are hoping to be open by May 30th and have something for every sport, even if it is just for foot work and drills. It will be located on Eastland Ave and Eldridge.

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