A recent study that monitored the heart rates of a sample group viewing a number of different horror movies made in the past 50 years, has determined what film scares harder than any others. This horror movie fanatic is having a hard time understanding the final results.

I have been watching horror films since I was about eight years old, largely in part because I have a brother five years older than me, and my parents trusted me to know these stories are just made up. Well, most of them.

By that age, I was routinely re-watching films like Halloween, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Phantasm, Nightmare on Elm Street and Hellraiser. I've grown completely numb to being frightened by movies, so this study just called out to me.

The recent study was done by Broadband Choices, and monitored the heart rates of viewers as they watched films ranging from The Conjuring to The Shining. The movies were put in order according to spikes in heart rate. Fifty people of all age groups took part in the experiment. Each had to view 100 hours of horror movies.

The film that scared its way to top honors was the 2012 motion picture "Sinister." It's currently on Netflix, and we plan on watching it again in the coming days. I've seen it once, and remember thinking it was pretty decent. Ethan Hawk plays a writer who moves his family into a home with a dark past.

If I had to pick a film that came close to mildly freaking me out in recent years, I'd have to acknowledge "Hereditary," which landed at #4 on this list. The Shining, which isn't really that scary of a movie at all, is a favorite of mine because of the film's score and the acting of Jack Nicholson.

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