This powerful winter storm has caused more than just school closures. Northern California has been dealing with high winds, mudslides and massive amounts of rain and snow. This has not only caused damage to residence's property but has now destroyed park of Northern California's history.
The Calaveras Big Tree Association's Facebook page stated that the historic 'Pioneer Cabin' tunnel tree had fallen due to the severe winter storm. The tree collapsed on Sunday afternoon. According to the US Forest Service you can no longer drive-through the tunnel cut into the Pioneer Cabin Tree in Calaveras Big Trees State Park, but you can walk through it.

This tunnel tree has been part of California's history since the tree's inside tunnel was carved in the 1800's. It is said that the tree's tunnel was 137 years old and countless people and cars have been through it.

The Pioneer Cabin tree is located off of Alpine State Hwy in the Calaveras Big Trees State Park.

If it was on your bucket list to walk through a tree there are other gigantic tunnel trees that are still standing in California.  However we are deeply sad that the 'Pioneer Cabin' tree has fallen.

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