The best part about Thanksgiving is you don't really have to choose which one is your favorite. You are supposed to eat them all. Just for the sake of knowing though, which side dish on Thanksgiving is your favorite?

Thanksgiving is supposed to be all about the turkey but if you really think about it, the side dishes tend to be the star. You may not be able to have a "real" Thanksgiving without a turkey, but you can't have a fulfilling Thanksgiving without a copious amount of side dishes. I didn't add any salads on this list because everyone just eats them to feel better about the amount of calories they are consuming.

So which one do you think is your favorite? Personally I love macaroni and cheese. I love macaroni and cheese year round though. I have to have green bean casserole as well. For some reason the green bean casserole isn't something I eat except for Thanksgiving. Why is that though? So many of the Thanksgiving side dishes never reach my plate the other 364 days of the year. Slightly less if I get some as leftovers to much on the week after.

But is Thanksgiving really Thanksgiving if you don't have mashed potatoes and gravy? It is the first side that comes to mind when talking about Thanksgiving dinner. I might enjoy the mashed potatoes and gravy more than the turkey. Turkey just tastes so much better when it is dipped in the mashed potatoes and gravy.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Thankfully I can eat all the sides. I really need to look for my fat pants.

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