In an effort to reduce the number of out-of-state sportsmen coming to Idaho to hunt and fish while still making money for the Idaho Fish and Game, non-resident licenses and tag fees will increase in 2020. KTVB reports that the new law signed by Governor Brad Little on Tuesday will 'significantly increase' the fees for visitors. The new legislation will also lower the cap on how many non-residents are allowed to come to Idaho for hunting.

Last year the Spokesman-Review wrote about the proposed legislation while pointing out that out of state licenses account for 57 percent of the state's license revenue. That's a significant portion of the yearly income. With the number of licenses and tags limited the Idaho Fish and Game hopes to make up the difference by charging more money. In many cases it will be a lot more money.

Last year in Idaho a non-resident elk tag was $416.75. The new cost for a visitor tag will increase more than $230 to $650. An elk tag for Idaho residents is less than $37. Fishing licenses were less than $100 but will cross the triple digit line now with the legislation increase. Since the measure was just signed this week, the Fish and Game website hasn't been updated with the new pricing. If you are planning a visit to Idaho or have guests coming to hunt or fish, it might be best to buy your essential papers as soon as possible.

Idaho resident prices remain similar to previous years. A combo hunting-fishing license is $38.75 for adults. A fishing license is required for anyone older than 14 years and 10 years for a hunting license.

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