I had a calzone.  Made fresh on site!  My friends, hosts of Newsradio 1310 KLIX’s Pastors Round Table, test drove the barbecue.  The food court is such a brilliant idea.  I walked in and immediately wondered why I never get these brainstorms for business.  It definitely fills a niche.  One of choice.

I should think it’s going to become a popular spot for parties.

The pictures I took at 11:45 don’t do the place justice.  Between noon and one o’clock it was packed.  I should think it’s going to become a popular spot for parties.

The last time I was in the building was when I purchased a second-hand computer chair.  It was a Salvation Army store at the time.  The complete renovation uncovered skylights the new owners didn’t even know existed.  Natural light filters through during the day.  When I left shortly after one o’clock in the afternoon, people were still filtering in.

There are some additional restaurants on the way and the result will fill out the space.

It’s going to be a community gathering place.  As soon as I walked in the front door, I was seeing people I know from around town.  There’s also plenty of parking in the municipal lot across the street.

I was looking over the menu at the Mexican option.  You could eat there once a week for several months and not repeat any items.  Then start at one of the other restaurants and repeat the process.

Twin Falls is large enough where I could see another one of these conglomerations succeeding on the northside.  Perhaps near enough the hospital and shopping to keep a multitude fed.

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