The incoming blizzard in Southern Idaho has caused the closure of schools, businesses, and roads. The storm is expected to impact travel through the weekend.

Here's What the Roads Look Like Around Southern Idaho

As the blizzard grows and continues to drop fresh snow and blow it around like a snow globe, the conditions will only get worse. The Blizzard Warning is in effect until 8 PM Friday, but there is still more snow expected through Saturday and Sunday in Southern Idaho. Most road conditions are being reported as ‘difficult’ on the Idaho 511 app, but many are also closed to traffic.

The list of roads closed, open, and their conditions will change as the weekend progresses so make sure to check the Idaho 511 app for the most current conditions and closures.

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How are the Road Conditions Around Idaho?

Currently (3:40 PM Friday, January 12), these roads are closed around Southern Idaho:

  • US30 is closed between Hansen and Murtaugh from mile markers 231 to 237 due to low visibility.
  • US20 in both directions between Fairfield and Mountain Home from mile markers 102 to 152.
  • SH46 is closed in both directions from Gooding to US20 in Fairfield from mile markers 119 to 142.
  • US26 near Idaho Falls closed in both directions between Ririe and Swan Valley from milepost 350 to 375.
  • SH34 from Soda Springs to the Wyoming State Line is closed in both directions.

These road conditions and reports WILL CHANGE in the next few hours. The best way to stay current on road conditions, closures, and accidents is by checking the Idaho 511 app or website.

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