For fans of the late comedic actor Robin Williams, one of the things most people loved about the guy was his blatant silliness. One movie he shot in the early-nineties, which included filming locations in central and northern Idaho, may have touched on such a level of absurdity that the movie was nominated for an award that represents extremely poor filmmaking.

I've seen the 1992 film, "Toys," a couple of times actually, and not because I thought it was good. Even though the man is dead, I'm still a fan of anything Robin Williams has ever been in. I've actually seen "One Hour Photo" more than once, and that was godawful. Williams just made me laugh, so still to this day, I'll watch some of his older, not so Oscar-worthy efforts.

The motion picture was directed by famed movie maker Barry Levinson. Levinson was nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award (aka "Razzie) for the film, in the worst director category. The movie was also nominated for two Academy Awards in 1993, in the categories of art direction and costume.

I learned that some of the outdoor sequences in the film were shot in Washington State, as well as the city of Moscow, Idaho. Williams plays a character in the movie similar to that of Gene Wilder's roll in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, except it's toys being made, and not candy.

Whether you loved, or hated the movie, it still has roots in the Gem State, and can be included in your Christmas movie marathon if you wish this December.

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