This is how mainstream media writes headlines when it comes to Republicans.  The Idaho Capital Sun launched a couple of weeks ago.  Promising an unbiased approach to reporting on state legislative issues.  Check out this link.  Paragraph two also references hardline conservatives.  Funny, I never see anyone report about hardline liberals. 

In Idaho, 85 percent of all elected office holders are Republican.

A couple of years ago I was visiting with a publisher of a local newspaper.  He explained most people now get their news online.  Which allows his newsroom to track how long a set of eyes stay on a page.  The average is 30 seconds.

So, with the Capital Sun story, a person might well never look beyond the headline.  All we know is those mean Republicans are being nasty to schoolteachers.  Simply not the case!

The reason 34 Republicans voted down HB 354 is because there are concerns critical race theory is seeping into our Idaho schools (a teacher in Twin Falls this morning confirmed for me it’s true).  There is also concern it may be used for proselytizing to kids in pre-school programs.  Think the fear of critical race theory is crazy?  Check out the Facebook post at the top of the page from Representative Priscilla Giddings.  She has two small children at home.

At the Facebook page of Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin, I commented on a post and said I predicted this was coming.  A liberal took exception.  In a second comment I replied I want a say in how and where my tax dollars are spent.

In Idaho, 85 percent of all elected office holders are Republican.

It’s a reflection of the voters and constituents certainly aren’t clamoring for lessons for their children in white guilt!

You can see McGeachin’s post below.


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