When I was a kid scratch and sniff technology, at least on a large marketing scale, was in its infancy. I remember some of the first scratch and sniff products I experienced smelled of grape and strawberry. Two very well recognized scents. Now, a start-up company out of the United Kingdom wants to use our nose to help us control our mouths.

The company called Strong Roots is currently testing a patch. Yes, just like the patches that people used to stop smoking, to help quell an individual's desire to eat meat. When scratched the patch gives off the aroma of bacon. Which to me would make me hungry for bacon but maybe that desire is just a passing thing.

Researches believe that just the smell of bacon, or any meat for that matter, is all the body needs to be satiated in the desire for the food. Researchers hope that if more people become consumers of meat through smell only, the more likely they are to eat a more healthy plant-based diet.

As we mentioned the patches are being tested in the U.K. now. However, there are plans to expand the program worldwide should the results of this testing yield a positive outcome.

Who knows maybe transdermal delivery of bacon will one day replace the satisfying crunch of a thick slab of that deep-fried goodness on a sandwich with fresh tomato and lettuce. I can only pray that won't happen during my lifetime. I like my BLT's way too much to lick a patch on my arm for flavor.


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