This may be the best news we have heard this week. It appears that In-N-Out is prospecting a second Idaho location before they even get started on the first one. It has been confirmed a first location will break ground, but now, a second one is in a discussion.

The first Idaho In-N-Out is set to go in place at the Village in Meridian. In-N-Out has said over and over again that its goal is to get a restaurant open by 2025. Now, it looks like a second one may be coming to Boise.

According to reports, the chain restaurant is looking at opening its second location near Towne Square Mall at Milwaukee Street and West Franklin Road. There are a ton of fantastic restaurants in that area, I think In-N-Out will fit perfectly there.

The fact that two are going in around the same time is kind of brilliant. There were reports years ago about the first In-N-Out in Colorado causing a 10-hour line! So with two locations hopefully that will not occur. But, do expect to wait a long time for that delicious animal-style Double Double.

I was really hoping to find that In-N-Out, the California-based company, would consider a second location here in Twin Falls, but to no avail. The next closes In-N-Out to Twin Falls is located in Salt Lake City.

We will keep you updated on time frames as more information becomes available as the restaurant breaks ground and has opening dates.

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