While you think about this story, take note that currently there are 186 registered sex offenders in Twin Falls with a ratio of 1 to every 243 residents according to City Data.

City Data Sex Offenders
City Data Sex Offenders - each red mark is the home of a sex offender

A few of our neighbor states have laws involving chemical castration for sex offenders. Did you know that California, Oregon, and Montana have laws that cover castration? It may not be how you imagine it though. I thought that when someone is castrated it involves the removal of a body part either surgically or with a rubber band.

Turns out there is also a chemical castration which essentially just reduces the sexual libido and testosterone of the person. Oklahoma is looking at a law right now that would require this if repeat sex offenders. California was the first state to implement the idea in 1996. This story from KXXV seems to imply that the law is rarely enforced though.

Should this type of punishment come to Idaho or does it go against the 8th amendment which states 'no cruel and unusual punishments inflicted'?

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