A woman who is organizing her parents' 50th wedding anniversary is refusing to serve alcohol at the soiree because she doesn't drink.

"So far, 40 people have RSVPed yes. I am paying for everything, including the food/drinks. My parents have not been super involved with planning, since I offered to do all the work," the woman wrote via Reddit, according to The Mirror.

The woman added since she is the one paying for and organizing the event, she should be allowed to make the rules.

"I want this to be a dry event. My husband and I don't believe in drinking alcohol, and we don't want to pay for other people to drink. My plan is to just have sodas and water for people," she continued.

However, when the woman's sister found out about the booze-free bash, she was shocked. The sister told her people will be expecting alcohol at the party.

"She got really mad when I put my foot down, and said that the party will flop without the social lubricant of alcohol to smooth the way," the woman concluded.

In the comments, users sided with the sister, arguing the woman has no right to force a dry event on guests, especially since the event isn't centered around her.

"It's pretty much as if you were vegan and they weren’t and you had a vegan event. It’s fine if you don’t want to spend your money on meat, but you can’t stop other people from bringing it," one person wrote.

"She should at least let everyone know that they don't believe in drinking alcohol so there won't be any provided by the hosts who took over the event so people are welcome to BYOB," another commented.

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